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This is the first post, of my new blog . . . excited to have a new platform that allows me to share some thoughts, opinions or perhaps just awesome ‘stuff’ that catch my attention.

Let’s start with what has been on my mind since returning from a trip to Japan recently. I always love visiting Japan especially Tokyo which I find an exciting, inspiring and always amazing place. Just when you thought JAPAN could not get any better because everything is so cool already, then you find out all these new experiences, places and things to do / see. Whenever I have visited either for a long stay or short trip it has always been a time that has left a deep impression on me.

It is remarkable to see from the outside a society with such tremendous collective consciousness, where a big part of everyones lives is  dedicated to serving society in some form. It is further interesting to see that the recent years of ‘free flow’ information and virtual access to practically all parts of our planet, have reshaped and created conflicts in this collective thinking. There appears to be a movement for more individuality and out of the group experiences.


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